On the installation and use of hydraulic oil air coolerradiator

On the installation and use of hydraulic oil air cooler radiator
A. For safety factor, it is important to determine the actual return oil flow. The actual return oil flow is not equal to the working flow of the pump (please contact the supplier of hydraulic oil air cooling radiator). For example, if the actual return oil flow is 100L / min, then the safety factor 2 should be multiplied when selecting the radiator, that is, 100 * 2 = 200L / min. There is no safety factor and bypass circuit. Once the machine fails, safety cannot be guaranteed.
B. Because the working principle and structure of air cooling and traditional water cooling are different, but domestic factories usually connect the system according to the previous installation method of water cooling, which is not advocated. Most foreign enterprises, such as Japan and Germany, adopt independent circulation cooling mode, which is separated from the system, and there is no oil leakage. When the air cooling is connected into the circuit, it is necessary to install the bypass circuit, so as to prevent the radiator from being protected in case of failure in the operation of the machine. In case of machine failure, such as electromagnetic card valve, sudden brake, circuit control failure, etc., the instantaneous rise and release of the return oil pulse pressure is the main cause of radiator burst. In addition, the bypass circuit must be returned to the oil tank independently. If it is combined with the system oil return pipe, it is also a failure installation method.
C. It is not recommended to install a filter at the oil outlet of the radiator, which has many disadvantages, such as irregular cleaning or not timely cleaning, increasing oil return resistance, according to the experience of customers at home and abroad, often leads to radiator blowout. The filter shall be installed at the front of the radiator inlet. See picture.

The above: Selection of oil cooler for hydraulic station

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