What should I do if I lose heat in the air cooler?

What should I do if I lose heat in the air cooler?

In summer, the air cooler is not good, the oil temperature of the hydraulic system has been unable to drop, in the hydraulic station began to work for one hour, the whole system reached the thermal balance, some customers have measured the oil temperature has reached 80℃ above, the working environment temperature is also 36℃.
The solution provided by the engineers of ZF is as follows:
1. Replace the air cooler with a large cooling area;
2. If it is caused by the long use time of air cooling and the failure to timely clean the radiator, remove the core and clean it with high-pressure water to restore the thermal conductivity of aluminum and aluminum;
3. If the air volume of the fan is small, replace the large air volume fan;
4. If the standard products of large size are not suitable due to the limitation of installation space, they need to be customized to optimize the structure size. Same typhoon cold, working environment temperature, yes, very important. Its effect on the oil temperature of the system is the key factor.
For example, if the ambient temperature in winter is 10 and the oil temperature is 45℃, then the ambient temperature in autumn is 25℃ and the oil temperature will reach 60℃. In summer, the ambient temperature in summer is 35℃, and the oil temperature will reach 70℃. Generally speaking, 60℃ hydraulic oil temperature, 70℃ lubricating oil temperature, is the basic adaptation requirements, of course, except for special equipment. If the oil temperature is too low, to overcome the liquid work loss increases, but also adverse to improve the efficiency of the entire working system. Cooling surface recognition, fan air volume, this is the internal factors affecting the cooling effect of the wind cooler itself. The temperature of the working environment is external and subject to seasonal changes.
Therefore, when we calculate the air cooling heat dissipation, it is calculated according to the highest operating environment. There is a safety margin of about 10%. The actual situation encountered by heyida is that, due to cost considerations or inaccurate parameters provided by relevant parties, or the neglect of the heating of the mechanical part of the machine itself and other electric components, the selection is small, leading to the actual temperature rise, which can only be replaced with a larger phenomenon.
For professional reasons, repeat one more question: no matter air cooling, water cooling, air cooling (air conditioning), there is no better problem, is not suitable for the problem. Providing accurate heating efficiency is the only way to select the type of heat dissipation.
To sum up, he yida suggests that everyone in the selection of the wind cooler, as far as possible to choose the heat dissipation area of large margin safe model.

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