Heating of hydraulic motor & selection of air cooler

Heating of hydraulic motor & selection of air cooler

Q: My system flow is about 60L, I want to choose a small air cooler, but the flow can meet my requirements for cooling the return oil of the hydraulic motor.
A: What's the temperature difference? Inlet temperature? Ambient temperature?
Q: The temperature difference is 20, the oil inlet temperature is 60, the oil outlet temperature is 40, and the ambient temperature is about 30-40.
A: Is 60L pump flow or system return flow?
Q: My side is a pump string motor, so the flow of oil inlet and return is the same.

A: well.
Q: The system power is 20 kilowatts, and I will calculate it as the heating power based on 30% loss. I wonder how do you generally choose the type like this?
A: It can be estimated in this way.
Q: Because I may not be able to move continuously for a long time, and the longest time may be about one hour, so I want to choose a smaller radiator. You will be more professional, so I want to ask your opinion.
A: There is also a more accurate algorithm of heat dissipation power P = 0.028 × LX (V in-v out) = 0.028x60x (60-40 =) 33.6kw. First, the test is inconsistent with the system power of 20kW, so it is very important to provide accurate data. This is an impossible demand.
Q: I'll choose a 1-2kw one. Then the flow of air cooler is 50-60l. Do you have one? I have a newly designed model here, so I can only estimate one temperature difference for the time being.
A: Select hd1018
Q: 6kW is too big
A: Your model should be selected according to the flow rate of 60. Considering the safety, it is normally 60x2=120L. The core structure of the back radiator is similar to that of the filter, similar to the capillary structure.
Q: Yes, it should mainly affect the pressure drop, right?
A: That's why.
Q: Let me ask, can I lay the radiator flat? Are there any specific requirements for the way of placement?
A: It can be laid flat.
Q: I choose a 100L 4kw, so it's not a big problem.
A: The heating of hydraulic motor is very important. If a 20kW motor is specially used to supply pressure oil to hydraulic motor, the heat loss is often more than 30%. As soon as the motor works, it is always in a pressure maintaining state
Q: 6kW will be safer.
A: It also depends on the size of the oil tank. There is less oil and the temperature rise is relatively high.
Q: The fuel tank is too small, about 1.5 times. Temporarily select ah1012dc air cooler first.

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